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Department for Endocrinology and Radioimmunology


Basic research: Investigation of thyroid gland function in physiological and pathophysiological conditions, with special focus on molecular pathogenesis of thyroid malignant tumors. The on-going research project is: “ Molecular characterization of thyroid gland tumors: biological and clinical aspects” (Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Republic of Serbia, Project No. 173050).

Applied research developed from the basic, in cooperation with other departments at INEP, focused on development and manufacturing of in vitro diagnostic kits (in vitro medical devices) for determination of hormones, tumor markers and other biological compounds in human sera, widely used in clinical practice.

Public health service is part of the activity within the Laboratory for Medical Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunodiagnostics at INEP. Laboratory investigations are focused on determination of analytes of interest for clinical thyroidology, oncology, metabolic diseases and human reproduction.

Continuous and advanced training: INEP, as a member of the University of Belgrade, is involved in laboratory training of students from the Faculty of Chemistry as well as visiting students coming from other countries as part of the students’ exchange program.

Researchers of this department participate in mentoring MA and PhD students of the Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade.

International cooperation: 

During 2006-2009, this department participated in the FP6 EU project: “Health Improvement in Serbia through Reinforcement of Biomedical Science and Technology” (FP6-2005-INCO-WBC/SSA-3).

Department staff:

1. Aleksandar Mitrović, physicochemist, Head of Department, mitrovic@inep.co.rs
2. Dubravka Cvejić, PhD, molecular biologist, Principal Research Fellow, Project leader, dubravka@inep.co.rs
3. Sonja Šelemetjev, PhD, biochemist, Research Associate, sonja@inep.co.rs
4. Tijana Išić Denčić, PhD, molecular biologist, Research Associate, tijana@inep.co.rs
5. Ilona Đorić, PhD, biologist, Research Associate, marecko@inep.co.rs
6. Jelena Janković Miljuš, PhD, biochemist, Research Associate, jelenaj@inep.co.rs
7. Jelena Rončević, molecular biologist, Research Assistant, jelenar@inep.co.rs
8. Stefana Stojanović, molecular biologist and physiologist, Research Trainee, stefana@inep.co.rs

9. Gordana Simonović, laboratory assistant
10. Nada Bešević, laboratory assistant
11. Jasna Marinković, laboratory assistant
12. Tanja Vasiljević, laboratory assistant