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Department for Immunochemistry and Glycobiology


Basic research in the fields of immunochemistry and glycobiology: isolation and structural characterization of endogenous lectins and glycoproteins expressed under physiological and pathophysiological conditions.

Applied research as connected to basic, enables preparation either components of (antigens, and antibodies) or ready for use immunodiagnostic kits (IRMA-immunoradiometric assays) applicable for determination of hormones, tumor markers and bioactive substances, standardization and quality control.

Public health services in the field of competence. Operating as part of “INEP Laboratory for Public Health Services”.

Continuous and advanced training of personnel or visiting scientists, upgrading of existing and development of new in-house made diagnostic kits, broadening of the list of public health services based on application of in-house or commercial kits.

In Serbia, INEP is unique center for glycobiological investigation. In the course of long-lasting work, cooperation with a number of experimental and clinical laboratories in the country has been established. In the last twenty years, glycobiological investigations were main subject of scientific projects funded by Ministry of Science:  Lectins and glycoconjugates as carrier of molecular recognition in biological systems (1995-2000), Glycobiological aspects of physiological and pathophysiological processes (2002-2005), and Glycans as molecular markers of cell function: expression, microheterogeneity and biosignalling properties (2006-2010).

In current research period (2011 – ), INEP realizes national basic research project  173010 in field of glycobiology: Structural heterogeneity and effects of complex carbohydrates (glycans) as key components of molecular recognition in biological systems. The focus of the research is structural heterogeneity and the effects of complex carbohydrates in biological systems, which is a continuation of many years of working in that field, with special interest in characterization of the glycan phenotype of cells or tissues, and examination of the correlation between molecular structure of carbohydrates and different clinical and pathological parameters.

Department staff:

1. Snezana Golubović, MSc, pharmacist, head of department
2. Ljiljana Hajduković, PhD, pharmacist, senior research associate
3. Miroslava Janković, PhD, molecular biologist, principal research fellow
4. Alisa Gruden Movsesijan, PhD, molecular biologist, principal research fellow
5. Žanka Bojić Trbojević, PhD, biochemist, senior research associate
6. Maja Kosanović, PhD, Biologist, research assistant
7. Slavica Marjanović Đukić, M.Sc., biologist
8. Milica Jovanović Krivokuća, PhD, molecular biologist, research assistant
9. Ninoslav Mitić, PhD, biologist, research assistant
10. Sanja Goč, PhD, biochemist, research associate
11. Gordana Matović, laboratory assistant
12. Dušan Todorović, laboratory assistant
13. Dragan Stojanić, laboratory assistant
14. Jelena Milosavljević, laboratory assistant
15. Tamara Janković, MSc, pharmacist, research trainee