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Department for Laboratory Diagnostics

Public health service is part of the activity within this Department which (as constituent of Institute INEP), conducts the following:

• sampling of laboratory test materials (blood, urine, semen, swabs, faeces)
• preanalytical preparation of samples

• distribution of prepared samples to laboratories within the Institute where analytics is performed
• rapid tests, coagulation, urine
• primary processing of microbial samples
• distribution of test reports
• communicating with patients and interpreting results, as well as
• activities related to the transport of medical waste by following legal procedures.

Continuous and advanced training of professional staff  is one of its main priorities in the forthcoming period.

Department staff:

1. Jasminka Miloradović, Doctor of Medicine, specialist in Clinical Biochemistry 
2. Snežana Stepanović, technical associate, nurse
3. Milkica Stojanović, technical associate, laboratory technician
4. Jasmina Deretić, technical associate, nurse
5. Jelena Jašić, technical associate, laboratory technician
6. Dejan Radoičić, technical associate, laboratory technician
7. Slavica Grba, administrative technical associate
8. Gordana Jekić Jakšić, technical associate