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Basic research: Investigation of metabolic processes in various (patho) physiological conditions in humans, and interpretation of changes as part of complex regulatory mechanisms. Theinfluence of food, cyclic rythm, growth, development and ageing,  and effects of some growth factors, hormones and specific disorders on metabolism have been examined. The on-going research title is: “Proteins and nucleic acids in metabolic disorders and mechanisms of their regulation”.

Applied research developed from the basic, in cooperation with other departments in INEP, and it is focused on the formulation of diagnostic tests for the measurement of insulin-like growth factors (IGF) and their binding proteins (IGFBP).

Public health service is part of the activity within the Laboratory for Medical Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunodiagnostics in INEP. Laboratory investigations are focused on determination of metabolic status and they include measurement of biochemical and hematological parameters in blood and urine.

Continuous and advanced training: INEP, as a member of the University of Belgrade, is involved in laboratory training of students from Faculty of Chemistry and Faculty of Biology as well as visiting students coming from other countries as part of the students’ exchange program.

International cooperation:

During 2006-2009, this department participated in the FP6 EU project: “Health Improvement in Serbia through Reinforcement of Biomedical Science and Technology” (FP6-2005-INCO-WBC/SSA-3).

During 2012-2013, the cooperation with the Slovak Academy of Sciences was established and the bilateral project realised: “Lectin biochips for characterization of glycan structure of the IGF system proteins as a tool for research, diagnostics and therapy of colorectal carcinoma” (project number 680-00-140/2012-09/01). The cooperation continued in the next projects: “Determination of glycosylation changes of proteins related to colоrectal carcinoma using modern sensitive lectin biochips with impact to cancer research, diagnostics and therapy” (451-03-545/2015-09/01,2015-2016), “Glycan biomarkers analysis as a tool for biomedical research, follow-up and diagnosis of tumor diseases” (СК-СРБ-2016-0023, 2017-2018) and “Analysis of transferrin glycoforms as potentially strong biomarkers in medicine” (337-00-107/2019-09/12, 2019-2020). The cooperation has been extended through a multilateral Scientific and Technological Cooperation in the Danube Region, including a third participant Molecular Systems Biology University of Vienna: “The analysis of nucleic acids, proteins and metabolites as potential circulating biomarkers of gestational diabetes“ (337-00-00322/2019-09/151, 2020-2022).

International cooperation has been established with the University of Nebraska Medical Center (USA) as part of the program of Collaboration with Diaspora financed by the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia: “Mass spectrometry analysis of serum transferrin in patients with an increased oxidative stress” (2020-2021).

Collaborators participated and participate in 6 COST actions; CM1001: “Chemistry of non-enzymatic protein modifications-modulation of protein structure and function” (2010-2014), TD1306: “New Frontiers of Peer Review” (2014-2018), CA15133: “The biogenesis of iron-sulfur proteins: from cellular biology to molecular aspects (FeSBioNet)” (2015-2019), CA16122: “Personalized nutrition in aging society: redox control of major age-related diseases” (2017-2021), CA16125: “European network on understanding gastrointestinal absorption-related processes” (2017-2021) and CA18103: “Innovation with glycans: new frontiers from synthesis to new biological targets” (2019-2022).

 Department staff:

1. Olgica Nedić, PhD in Biochemistry, Principal Reasearch Fellow, Head of Department, Project leader, olgica@inep.co.rs
2. Dragana Robajac, PhD in Biochemistry, Research Associate, draganar@inep.co.rs
3. Goran Miljuš, PhD in Biochemistry, Research Associate, goranm@inep.co.rs
4. Miloš Šunderić, PhD in Biochemistry, Research Associate, milos@inep.co.rs
5. Zorana Dobrijević, PhD in Biology, Research Associate, zorana.dobrijevic@inep.co.rs
6. Nikola Gligorijević, PhD in Biochemistry, Research Associate, nikolag@inep.co.rs
7. Ana Penezić, PhD in Biochemistry, Research Assistant, anap@inep.co.rs
8. Sanja Macut, medical laboratory technician, Technical Associate, sanjam@inep.co.rs
9. Dubravka Ivanović, medical laboratory technician, Technical Associate, duda@inep.co.rs