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Dragana Robajac

Organisation Group: Department for Metabolism

Academic Degree:  Graduated in chemistry-biochemistry, PhD in Biochemistry 

Current position: Research Associate

Education: Graduated at Faculty of Chemistry, University of Novi Sad in 2009 and PhD Thesis in 2016 at Faculty of Chemistry, University of Belgrade.

Research Field:

Part of the group investigating insulin-like growth factor, their binding proteins and receptors in different (patho)physiological states, with special turn on receptors for insulin and type 1 and 2 receptors for insulin-like growth factors isolated from placental tissue.

Membership in International and National Societies:

Member of the Serbian Proteomics Association (since 2017)
Member of the Serbian Biochemical society (since 2012)

Member of the Serbian Chemical society (since 2009)

Bibliography (2013-2019):

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