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Ljiljana Sofronić-Milosavljević

Organisation Group: Department for Immunology and Immunoparasitology

Academic Degree: Medical Doctor, PhD in Immunology

Current Position: Full Research Professor

Leading positions:

Head of Department for Immunology and Immunoparasitology
Head of National Reference Laboratory for Trichinellosis
Leader of the national project: “Mechanisms of the immune response to parasitic infection, or exposure to parasite antigens, and the concomitant modulation and/or prevention of unrelated diseases” (Project  No. 173047B, Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Republic of Serbia, 2011-2019).

Education: Graduated at School of Medicine, University of Belgrade in 1979. M. Sc Thesis in Immunology finished in 1984. and PhD Thesis in 1997. at School of Medicine, University of Belgrade.

Research Field:

Organizes and participates work of INEP scientific group involved in basic and applied research in immunology, immunoparasitology, biotechnology and biomedicine. Basic research activities are focused on the modulation of autoimmune diseases by application of: 1. Tologenic Dendritic Cells cultivated with T. spiralis products or 2. parasitic products themselves or in combination with nano-fibers (the first above mentioned activity is in process of translation from animal to human model aiming to contribute the advanced approach to multiple sclerosis treatment).  She also coordinates the work that continually follows presence and spread of Trichinella spp. infection in humans and animals, as well as immune response provoked by infection.

Membership in International and National Societies:

Member of the International Commission on Trichinellosis-ICT (since 2000)
Member of the Serbian Society for Parasitology-SSP (since 2012)
Member of the Immunological Society of Serbia-ISoS (since 1986)
Member of the Committee on Allergology and Clinical Immunology, at Department of Medical Sciences, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SASA) (since 2005).

Other responsibilities:

Member of the National Council for Scientific Certification of Research Institutions, under auspicious of Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Republic of Serbia (since 2018)
Member of the ICT Executive Committee (since 2015), http://www.trichinellosis.org/
Vice President of the SSP (since 2016), Member of the Presidential board of the SSP (since 2012); http://www.parazit.org.rs/en/
Member of the ISoS Extended Executive Board (since 2016), Vice President of ISoS (2004-2007), President of ISoS (2007-2011), Member of the ISoS Executive Board as a Past president (2011-2016), https://www.isos.rs/
Member of INEP Management Board 1998-2000, 2006-2010, 2010-2014, 2014-2018 (Deputy of President 2010-2014, 2014-2018).

Additional academic engagements:

Lecturer at Doctoral studies: Immunity to infection, elective course, Module: Immunobiology, Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade (since 2007).


Researcher ID: F-4512-2018

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