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Olgica Nedić

Organisation Group:  Department for Metabolism

Academic Degree:  Graduated Chemist, PhD in Biochemistry

Current Position:  Principal Research Fellow

Leading positions: Director of the Institute and Head of Department for Metabolism
Research theme leader: “Proteins and nucleic acids in metabolic disorders and mechanisms of their regulation” 

Education: Graduated at Faculty for Natural Sciences (Chemistry), University of Belgrade in 1985. M. Sc Thesis in Biochemistry finished in 1988. and PhD Thesis in 1994. at Faculty of Chemistry, University of Belgrade.

Research Field:

Participates in the research group involved in basic and applied investigations on insulin, insulin-like growth factors and other proteins involved in metabolic processes. The activities focus on the effects of various physiological and disease states on metabolism in men and animals (ageing, intensive training, pregnancy, diabetes, cancer, diseases accompanied by oxidative stress) and the analysis of the potential effect of small molecules from the microenvironment. Besides the investigation on proteins, the research is carried out on noncoding nucleic acids and their association with metabolic disorders.

Membership in International and National Societies:

Member of the International Society for Insulin-Like Growth Factors (since 2003)
Member of the Serbian Chemical Society (since 1985)
Member of the Serbian Biochemical Society (since 2011)

Other responsibilities:

Member of the National Council for Scientific Certification of Research Institutions (under auspicious of Ministry of Science, 2006-2010)
Member of the Professional Board for the Scientific Field of Biotechnology (under auspicious of the University of Belgrade, 2007-2010)
Sub-Editor of the Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society for Biochemistry and Biotechnology (since 2006)
Member of the Council for Quality Improvement of the University of Belgrade (2008-2011)
Member of the National Scientific Council for Chemistry (under auspicious of the Ministry of Science, 2010-2016)
Member of the University Council (under auspicious of the University of Belgrade, 2016-2018)
Member of the National Scientific Council for Biology (under auspicious of the Ministry of Science, since 2017)
Member of INEP Management Board (2011-2017)
Member of the Serbian Chemical Society Management Board (since 2000)

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ORCID ID:  0000-0003-2042-0056