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Project 173050

Title: Molecular characterization of thyroid gland tumors: biological and clinical aspects (2011-)
Funding: Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia
Realization by: Institute for the Application of Nuclear Energy, University of Belgrade
Project leader: Dubravka Cvejić, PhD, Principal Research Fellow, INEP

Subject and description: Thyroid cancer is the most frequently occurring endocrine malignancy. It is classified into four main histological types (papillary, follicular, anaplastic and medullary carcinoma), although several subtypes exist accompanied with differences in biological behavior and aggressiveness. Differential diagnostics of thyroid carcinoma types and distinguishing a malignant tumor from its benign counterpart are problems in thyroid oncology. Our research objectives are focused on identification of novel diagnostic and prognostic molecular biomarkers (RNK/DNK/proteins) that may contribute to an accurate diagnosis of thyroid neoplasm, in prediction of tumor behavior and in clinical management of thyroid carcinoma patients. Gained results could be of great help to better understand the molecular pathogenesis of thyroid tumorigenesis. Our findings open great opportunities for the development of novel molecular-based approaches for the thyroid carcinoma diagnosis/prognosis and optimization of therapy in thyroid carcinomas patients.

Research team:
Dubravka Cvejić, PhD, Molecular Biologist, Principal Research Fellow
Sonja Šelemetjev, PhD, Biochemist, Research Associate
Tijana Išić Denčić, PhD, Molecular Biologist, Research Associate
Ilona Djorić, PhD, Biologist, Research Associate
Jelena Janković Miljuš, PhD, Biochemist, Research Associate
Jelena Rončević, Molecular Biologist, Research Assistant
Stefana Stojanović, Molecular Biologist and Physiologist, Research Trainee

dr Ivan Paunović, Professor at Medical Faculty, University of Belgrade
dr Svetislav Tatić, Professor at Medical Faculty, University of Belgrade