Project 5906

Program: Proof of Concept
Project title: 
Development of anti-allergic intranasal drops EVTRIS based on extracellular vesicles from Trichinella spiralis (2020-2021)
Funding: Innovation Fund of the Republic of Serbia
Grant holder:
University of Belgrade, Institute for the Application of Nuclear Energy INEP
Project leader: Maja Kosanović, PhD, Research Associate, INEP 

Subject and description: Due to continuous increase of respiratory allergies, current treatments including antihistaminic drugs and desensitization are not sufficient and new approach is needed. In scope of this project we investigate possibility to design new antialergic product based on innovative concept – allergen-independent immunomodulation using natural product.

Since allergies are result of disturbed balance of immune response, where Th2 type of inflammatory response dominate – the successful treatment should restore the immune balance. Natural substances, known to affect the immune system, as helminth products, have already been confirmed to modulate the host immune response with beneficial effects on allergies. However, it only recently became evident that those products contain extracellular vesicles (TsEVs), important transport vehicles of bio-information between cells.

Based on previous findings that T. spiralis infection alleviates allergic inflammation and our discovery of TsEVs and their immunomodulatory properties, it is the our hypothesis of this project that isolated TsEVs have the potential to alter the mechanisms that lead to allergy and mitigate its symptoms. 

The proposed concept is that extracellular vesicles, produced by muscle larvae of helminth parasite Trichinella spiralis, could be used to alleviate respiratory allergies. If this concept proves to be correct, a new product could be designed: antialergic nose drops.

Research team:
Maja Kosanović, PhD, Research Associate,
Ljiljana Sofronić-Milosavljević, PhD, Principal Research Fellow,
Alisa Gruden-Movsesijan, PhD, Principal Research Fellow,
Nataša Ilić, PhD, Senior Research Associate,
Saša Vasilev, PhD, Research Associate,
Sofija Glamočlija, Master in Biology, Research Assistant,