Based on the decision of the Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection of 12.03.2007. INEP meets the requirements for conducting scientific research of general interest as a research institute in the field of mathematical, technological, biotechnical and medical sciences-biology, chemistry and physical chemistry, and entered in the Register of scientific organizations of the Republic of Serbia. INEP scientific research activities include basic and applied research in biology, chemistry, biomedicine and monitoring and protecting the environment. Research areas include: endocrinology, immunology, reproductive biology, metabolism, glycobiology, agroecology and radioecology. Scientific research is carried out within the national projects, funded by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia and international projects, from the European Framework Program FP6.

National projects-leaders from INEP:

Project no. 173042:
Structural characterisation of the insulin-like growth factor (IGF) binding proteins and IGF receptors, their interactions with other physiological molecules and alterations in metabolic disorders;
Project leader: Olgica Nedić, PhD, Principal Research Fellow, INEP.

Project no. 173004:
Trophoblast and extra embryonic fetal cells: plasticity, differentiation factors and in vitro modulation of functional characteristics;
Project leader: Ljiljana Vićovac Panić, 
PhD, Principal Research Fellow, INEP.

Project no. 173050:
Molecular characterization of thyroid gland tumors: biological and clinical aspects;
Project leader: Dubravka Cvejić, PhD, Principal Research Fellow, INEP.

Project no. 173010:
Structural heterogeneity and effects of complex carbohydrates (glycans) as key components of molecular recognition in biological systems;
Project leader: Miroslava Janković, PhD, Principal Research Fellow, INEP.

Project no. 173047:
Mechanisms of the immune response to parasitic infection, or exposure to parasite antigens, and the concomitant modulation and/or prevention of unrelated diseases;
Project leader: Ljiljana Sofronić-Milosavljević, PhD, Principal Research Fellow, INEP.

Project no. 175102:
Application of functional carbon nanotubes and gold nanoparticles for the preparation of dendritic cells in tumor therapy (III);
Project leader: Academic Prof. Miodrag Čolić, PhD, Principal Research Fellow, INEP.